December 9, 2020 Prayer Letter

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Dear Friends,

Perhaps for many of you in America church Christmas activities will be drastically curtailed this year. But as of now, for us in Thailand most of our normal Christmas outreaches are still on. For the past six months Thailand has extensively restricted international travel, enforced mandatory quarantines, and, apparently, kept the coronavirus at bay. However, new cases are starting to pop up in the north of the country. So, perhaps our time of relative freedom may be coming to an end again.

But for the time being we are still able to use Christmas as an outreach opportunity. Among other things, we will be hosting a Christmas English and activity day at a local elementary school. At the church, each year on the Sunday before Christmas many of the old English students and other friends know to come back for a sort of “reunion” and Christmas party. The special activities will end with a communion service on Christmas night. We pray that God would allow us to take full advantage of these Christmas opportunities to again tell the story of the Savior.

Due to the restrictions on foreigners entering the country, all those with missionary visas have been prohibited from returning. We know dozens of missionaries who would like to return but cannot. We have been without co-workers for five months. Things have been busy, but thankfully not overwhelmingly so. The time that has elapsed between this letter and the last has been longer than I would have liked. But I would like to follow up on one item from the previous letter.

In September, all five of those planning to be baptized were baptized, including the one whose parents had raised objections. He went through with the baptism, and it appears to not have negatively affected that relationship. It was an encouraging day for us and remains encouraging to see those who were baptized continue on in growth and service.

Over the last few months God has been working among us. A lady named who lives in the area prayed to accept Christ as Savior the second week she attended services and seems to be growing. Hannah now has a Bible study with a couple ladies on Friday afternoons and then again with a larger group on Sunday afternoons. 

Hannah’s Sunday Afternoon Bible Study

Also, over the last few months several unbelievers have often come to our Sunday worship services. I am concerned some are actually becoming calloused to the gospel the more they hear it. Please pray that the repeated gospel messages they hear would soften their hearts.

Church life in our congregation is probably pretty normal. Individuals have their various personal struggles, and sometimes there are conflicts resulting from personalities and behaviors. Those times are tests and can be opportunities for growth. They also require leadership. Please pray for Hannah and me to have wisdom. But lately I have been sensing more strongly the need for Thai leadership that can help us handle these struggles both Biblically and in culturally helpful ways. Please pray for God to develop godly and grounded Thai leadership for Pinklao Baptist church.

Church members with several guests at a church outing in November

We wish you a merry Christmas as you celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Your Partners for the Gospel,

Duane and Hannah Scott